2017 Willrich Family Reunion

Friday night, April 7, 2017 through Sunday, April 9, 2017: the Willrich cousins met, ate. conversed, had group picture taken, and then ate and talked some more!
2017 REUNION TITLE SLIDES Page 1  DSCN1603  [l to r] Gene Sterling and Rob Brown  DSCN1604  [l to r] Nancy Brown and Charlotte Sterling  DSCN1605  Stanley Cernosek chaired the Willrich Family History Committee Meeting. 
2017 REUNION TITLE SLIDES Page 2  DSCN1606  Following lunch on Saturday, April 8, 2017, Joseph Willrich is waiting to start the business meeting.  Alice Yates Walker (reunion planning chair) is beside him.  DSCN1607  DSCN1608  [l to r] Harry Lawson and Susanna Gallun 
DSCN1609  DSCN1610  DSCN1611  [; to r] Bill Richers and Karla, Joe Lawhon, Judy and Sherwood Richers  DSCN1612  [l to r] Joe Lawhon, Judy Richers, Sherwood Richers, Phyllis Lawhon 
DSCN1613  DSCN1614  DSCN1615  DSCN1616 
DSCN1617  DSCN1618  DSCN1619  DSCN1620 
DSCN1621  DSCN1622  DSCN1623  DSCN1624 
DSCN1625  DSCN1626  [l to r] Ken and Julie Higgins, Rose Mary Cernosek  DSCN1627  [l to r] Janette and C.A. Zachary  DSCN1628  [l to r] Nancy Brown,  __ , and Rob Brown 
DSCN1629  DSCN1630  DSCN1631  Joseph Willrich, our Willrich Family Foundation president  DSCN1632  Rose Mary and Stanley Cernosek 
DSCN1634  Janette Zachary, Julie Higgins, Ken Higgins  DSCN1636  Gene Sterling, Charlotte Sterling, Joe Lawhon, Bill Richers, Janette Zachary  DSCN1637  Sherwood Richers, Gene Sterling, Charlotte Sterling  2017 REUNION TITLE SLIDES Page 3 
IMG 1010  On the way, we see a herd of longhorn cattle.  IMG 1011  IMG 1012  IMG 1013 
IMG 1016  DSC 5458  DSC 5460  DSC 5461 
DSC 5462  DSC 5463  DSC 5464  DSC 5465 
DSC 5466  DSC 5468  DSC 5469  DSC 5470 
DSC 5471  DSC 5472  DSC 5473  DSC 5474 
DSC 5475  DSC 5476  DSC 5477  DSC 5478  The Official German Representative of Familienverband Wilrich/Willrich e.V. Götz Bauer and family 
DSC 5480  DSC 5481  DSC 5483  DSC 5487 
2017 REUNION TITLE SLIDES Page 4  DSCN1638  Yum, yum, yum!  What a delicious meal!  DSCN1639  Remember to save room for the Apple Pie!  DSCN1640 
DSCN1641  DSCN1642  DSCN1643  Weather was beautiful all week end.  DSCN1644 
DSCN1645  DSCN1646  Götz, is Shiner beer almost as good as your German beer?  DSCN1647  DSCN1648 
DSCN1649  DSCN1650  We had a full moon for the campfire.  DSCN1651  DSCN1652 
DSCN1653  DSCN1654  DSCN1655  DSCN1656  Let's play catch! 
DSCN1657  O.K.  DSCN1658  Raffle prizes were given out to the winning numbers.  DSCN1660  DSCN1661 
DSCN1663  Harry Lawson tells us the story of how Georg Carl Willrich decided to come to Texas.