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2013 Reunion
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The 2013 Willrich Family Reunion was held on April 12-13-14 in LaGrange, Texas, at Camp Lone Star in LaGrange (lomt.org). We hope that you attended. There were some great activities, especially for kids.


From the Willrich Reunion 2013 Bulletin and Registration Form:

 Please help us to reach those who might not have received an email or snail-mail version. Forward this invitation, or print and mail it, to your siblings and other cousins who may not be on our list yet, or have moved or changed information. Ask them to respond to WillrichFamilyUSA@yahoo.com,  to give us their information, so they will receive further email notices. The response form, and your check to Willrich Family Foundation, can be sent to the Treasurer, Sue Lawson,1720 North Blvd., Houston TX 77098. You can fax it to 713-526-2778 to expedite the reservation, then send the check by mail. Don't forget your family dues $10/family!

 Please fill out the Family Group Sheet if you have had changes: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc., or if you're not sure if your info is correct on the family tree. Return this ASAP to Robby Brown (address on form) or email it to robbylbrn@aol.com. You can include it with your check, and it will be scanned and forwarded to Robby.

 MEMORIAL SERVICE on Sunday, April 14, 10:30, at Monument Hill: Please report your family deaths since 2011 to Robby Brown AND to this yahoo address ASAP, so we can put them on the program. Include dates of birth and death. If you have it, send a copy of the obituary, and a jpg picture, recent or not. If someone has not been memorialized in previous years, send that information, too.


Does anybody in your family play an instrument that can be played at the campfire, without electricity?  Please reply to  WillrichFamilyUSA@yahoo.com


Hope to see you there!

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